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WHAT ? A strip (3 cases) and a board.

FOR WHO ? College/high school students and college students.

WHY ? Present the principles of electrophoresis and PCR.


Marion ERAUD , head of the laboratory and scientific mediation

Gaëlle Auvray , Scientific Mediator Manager

House of DNA, Terre des Sciences


"We are very happy with the result, especially for PCR, which is a complex process. We didn't think we would get something so relevant and clear. Immediate satisfaction!"


Comic explaining PCR:

Laboratory technique that detects molecules present in very small quantities  in a biological sample. Here's how it goes:

Stripe electrphorèse

Strip of 3 boxes explaining electrophoresis:

Laboratory technique which is used after the PCR to highlight the presence or not of the molecule we are looking for.

Stage where the molecule of interest must be present if it were in the biological sample analyzed.

Here, YES!

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