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Support produced on a voluntary basis by Loïse Triollet-Agricomics with Antoine Pierart and Thomas Eglin engineers at ADEME Angers as well as René Guénon and Patrice Cannavo teacher-researchers at the Agro Angers Institute.

It was presented for the first time at the science day in Angers on October 10 and 11 to hear feedback from readers to finally be finalized for the competition launched by the FAO to produce a children's book as part of the international soil day on december 4, 2020.


Available on the sites:


of honor

"Sols, black gold

under our feet

With: ADEME Angers and

Agrocampus West Angers

WHAT ? Four boards with augmented reality by ARZone.

FOR WHO ? For all.

WHY ? Present the cycle of organic matter for the general public.

Projet ADEME: Texte
Projet ADEME: Pro Gallery
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