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Discover our expertise: transfer and memorization of information through images.
Let's redesign learning today!

Loïse Triollet

Founder, popularizer and Horticultural engineer

I have always liked to transmit information to allow anyone to make their own choices.

During my experiments in the laboratory, research center, market garden, I could only see similarities between them all. The mountain of information that is currently gathering dust in drawers, on shelves or in brains...

In our current world, we are subject to a disease: infobesity. And yet, all this beautiful information that can contribute to the change and transition of our agricultural systems and our cities does not appear in this flow of information. I wondered, what if we transformed this information so that it was read and remembered? 

What works best now? The comic strip and the animated video seemed like a good entry and here is Agricomics!!

Before Agricomics, what allowed the seed to be sown:

Photo credit: Vincent Jacques

The team

Our team embodies a dynamic fusion of collaborative talents, combining diverse skills and independent expertise. Together, we form an agile and efficient collective to meet challenges with creativity and efficiency.

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