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From the birth of the idea to the project

  • The idea was born when I was the winner of the GIS agronomic recovery competition (BD accessible via the button at the bottom). Being able to combine my two passions  : comics and plants, the idea of scientific communication through comics grabbed me.

  • Continuing my studies with a break in Australia with an internship with botanical researchers in Kings Park, I offered to summarize the context of the study carried out in the form of a 28-page comic. This comic summarizes 10 scientific articles, 2 conferences and 5 books.

  • Coming back from my trip to master 2, I was presented with the possibility of creating my activity at the same time as my studies, and even of substituting the end-of-study internship for the creation of the project. This is the moment, I am starting after 3 years of reflection. This idea drives me, yes, we can work and communicate our very numerous resources more effectively.

  • Once this decision was made, I produced press cartoons and comics to illustrate projects during my studies and took part in comic book competitions.

Origine du Projet: Parcours



Loise Triollet

Project Organization leader
Horticultural engineer - Specialization in plant protection in horticulture and the environment at the Agrocampus Ouest Angers school



- Communication intern from October 2021
- Partner to carry the project

Origine du Projet: Membres de l'Équipe
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