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WHAT ?  Two comic strips of 6 and 7 boxes.

FOR WHO ? College/High School students and FAC/School/BTS students.

WHY ? Develop a more fun and effective form of communication of our knowledge of plant pests by synthesizing the main information from many reliable sources available to go further if necessary.

Here is the different information you will find in the comics:

- Presentation of host plants

- Presentation of damage to host plants

- Description of their reproduction/development cycle

- Tutorial of how to recognize the insect

- The list of bibliographical sources that were used to create the comic strip.

Comics to present pests or auxiliaries?

Two examples of comics on insect pests, which can still be thought about and transformed with you:

----> We are only at the beginning of this project and wish to produce materials that could really be useful to pupils and students. If you like the idea of the comic strip, but on other information related to pests, such as how to regulate them, or even on other themes  Don't hesitate to tell us about it ! It will give us some ideas ;)


Loïse TRIOLLET , founder of Agricomics and engineer in horticulture

Roles:production  scientific watch, scenario, storyboard.

Elisabeth LEFEBVRE , independent illustrator and landscape engineer.

Roles: Look at the storyboard, realization of the drawings (from pencil drawing to coloring) and computer graphics.


Diabolic bug comic:

First comic created. 

Stripe electrphorèse

BD Noctuelle gamma:

Second comic made. 

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