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A comic break?

Ryse, our special 6-legged reporter, you diffuse  regularly scientific, technical or regulatory information from the plant world.

You can freely use and download these materials, do not hesitate to contact us to inform us.

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Le Chlordécone, ça vous parle?

February 2023

Understanding the context of agricultural news: Chlordecone

Our special reporter, Ryse, offers you a re-context of this political news from the agricultural world

December 2022

A technical memo on planting hedges

This month, Ryse offers you a memo of the steps not to forget for a successful planting!

December 2022 - wix.png format
October 2022 - Wix.png format

October 2022

Stained apples are edible!

You might be right to be wary of a blemished apple, but Ryse explains why you can go for them: they are edible and delicious!

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