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What if spring was also nothing but happiness for garden centers and nurseries?

Our objective in nurseries and garden centers: to make customers as independent as possible in the maintenance of plants on recurring issues: irrigation, stains on leaves, indoor/outdoor, frost, flowering, etc.

To support your advisors, we provide an intelligent tool producing visual answers to frequently asked questions. Your advisors can personalize responses if they wish and the tool will direct customers to the advisor if the question requires expert advice.

Enhance the expertise of your advisors by freeing them from recurring questions

Provide a fast and rewarding experience for your customers

Adaptable to all store layouts

Relieve your advisors during peak periods(Saturday and spring)

Hello, I'm Loïse

I have been doing outreach in the agricultural sector through comics for over 4 years now. Spring has always been a season of awakening and synonymous with the garden, but in garden centers and nurseries, it becomes a real anthill that harasses advisors with very very VERY recurring questions. I said to myself, instead of letting advisors rich in their knowledge turn into robots repeating mostly the same thing all day long, why not use AI tools which raise many questions today. Why not use them as tools, based on a well of knowledge and visuals agreed to relieve humans and allow them to bring their expertise to complex cases?

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